Implementation of a Dutch Arbitration Award Is Easy

14 Apr , 2018 Litigation

Implementation of a Dutch Arbitration Award Is Easy

An ever increasing number of gatherings in the Netherlands are choosing to settle their question through mediation as opposed to indicting their debate. Procedural Law Lawyer Onno Hennis clarifies why, and shows this by reference to a current choice of the Court of Rotterdam.

Points of interest of Arbitration

The purposes behind not prosecuting a question but rather settling by discretion incorporate the particular mastery of the mediators, the classification of the procedures, and more flexibility to shape the procedures. Arbitral honors are effectively enforceable in the Netherlands. The viability of this elective strategy for debate determination is accordingly ensured.




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by Arbitration on Assets in the Netherlands

The implementation of an assertion grant on resources arranged in the Netherlands requires leave from a Dutch court. Such leave is called an ‘exequatur.’

Discretion In and Outside the Netherlands

For the allowing of an exequatur for authorizing a mediation grant, it is applicable whether the discretion has occurred in or outside the Netherlands. For instance, the court has locale over mediation grants made abroad, though on account of national discretions the application for an exequatur must be submitted to the temporary alleviation court. Besides, the principles of the New York Convention (or some other pertinent tradition) likewise apply to the authorization of outside arbitral honors. The above judgment concerned procedures where the place of assertion was in the Netherlands.

Conceivable that Arbitration Award Will Be Annulled?

The law stipulates that a court may just deny the exequatur if, after outline examination, it appears to the court that it is conceivable that the arbitral honor will be revoked based on one of the grounds recorded comprehensively in the law. The reason for revocation are: the nonattendance of a legitimate discretion assention, the wrong structure of the arbitral court, the arbitral council having acted outside its order, the honor not having been marked or substantiated, or the honor or the way in which it was made is in opposition to open arrangement.

Period for Annulment subsequent to Making Arbitration Award Expired?

On the off chance that three months have slipped by after the arbitral honor has been made, the Dutch court may just reject the exequatur if the honor or the way in which it was made is plainly contradictory with open approach. For instance, there is an instance of incongruence with open arrangement when the fundamental standards of procedural law, for example, the privilege to a reasonable hearing, have been encroached.

Ex parte Decision: Court Grants Leave

In the judgment over, the temporary help court in the Netherlands chose to allow the application for leave without the respondent having been heard on the application or given a chance to protect himself against the application. The temporary alleviation court construct its choice in light of Article 279 of the Dutch Code of Civil Procedure, which stipulates that if the court concedes the application immediately, there is no compelling reason to arrange that the case must be heard.


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